Monday, February 22, 2010

More Good Reading

A is for Awesome! The aprons in this book are too cute. I am going to make about 5 of them at least. If you want a good apron book then get this one. I actually picked this one up at the Library.

Eliot Coleman is such a fantastic farmer and author. This book is a great read packed with excellent info. I love that he explains how the farm has arrived at the materials and methods they use. He explains all the alternative methods they have tried and gives lots of instruction on using the growing methods of Four Season Farm. If you want to learn more about growing vegetables year round, get this book. I recommend getting his book 'The New Organic Grower' for complete organic success.

The tone of this book is fun and easy to read. Lots of practical info for the new hobby farmer. I will surely use this book in the future to help guide me through the start up process. Sarah Beth Aubrey is writing from experience.

Yummmm! Need I say more. Well, guess I should. I love this book. It begins with the 'need to know' stuff. It provides education on the molds, starters, and methods used in cheese making. The recipes are organized in an 'easy' to 'most difficult' arrangement. I'm going to buy all the stuff for making some soft cheeses and get started soon.

The projects in this book are very cute. I plan on making many of them including that scarf on the cover. This is also a book I picked up at the local library.

Another library book. The toys in this one are so cute! I'm going to make the pink elephant and the cute little alligator first.

Teza from Teza's Garden sent me this book after a drawing he held. I won something. I never win stuff. You can imagine my excitement to win a gardening book. Well, it's not a book on how to garden but a book about a gardener in his garden. I'm loving it so far. The authors writing is witty and fun. I find myself smiling as I turn the pages, imagining the battle with brambles. Thanks Teza!!!

I haven't started this book yet. It's next on the hit list.


Anne said...

I love the Apron book!! I've made a few of them :)

Great suggestions!

Kiki said...

These all look super fun..I always enjoy your posts..!Books are such a great way to spend time and discover wonderful things! Yay..I want an apron too!

Gail said...

When you start your CSA you'll have a side business and sell aprons and who knows what wonderful other creations! gail

Joanne said...

The library's a great resource, as well-proved here! I just bought my daughter an apron for her birthday, and she loved it! I've been seeing more and more of them, they're back in vogue again :)

donna said...

I enjoy how you get me thinking about so many different subjects.

Phillip and I visit the library often and never tire of it.


Skeeter said...

So many books and so much to make! You have enough to keep you busy the remainder of winter. It is fun to win stuff and congrats on your win :-)

Joanne said...

A great selection of books but where does all the time go to read them let alone make things.Too much time spent with blogging friends my husband would say.

tina said...

I love books. What a good bunch you have profiled. I need that hobby profit one here.

Commonweeder said...

I love aprons - and you've shown me a lot of great books. I guess there will be no running out of inspiration.

Thomas said...

I really like Eliot Coleman's latest book. It's more geared toward the commercial grower but informative nonetheless.

I will have to check out these other titles!

Barry said...

I have a small vegetable plot in the backyard where I grow mostly salad items through the summer.

At the rate I loose food to squirrels and raccoons and rabbits, disease and fungus, I could certainly do with a good book on organic farming.

Even if you could hardly call what I do farming!

Jo said...

I love aprons. That was the first thing we learned to sew in Home Ec, and I have always loved aprons.

I think I would love to make cheese too. What a great idea!

Sue Swift said...

From the coper pic on that last one, I imagine there's a chapter on how to firmly castigate tourists who trample their way through your plants :)

elizabethm said...

Wonderful selection of books I have never heard of! I wonder if you can get any of them in the UK? I am impressed by your cheesemaking. That is one thing I haven't tried in my quest for greater self sufficiency.