Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Kittens!

Andrew and I love cats and have occasionally talked about getting one or two kittens. So I got the idea that surprising him with kittens on Christmas eve would be fun. I found some on craigslist on the 23rd and picked them up on the 24Th.

When I arrived at the place I was a bit shocked at how bad the living conditions were. The people had at least eight cats and a few dogs too. The house smelled awful and there was garbage everywhere. The cat litter boxes were overflowing so of course the cats had taken to just going where ever they wanted. I grabbed two female kittens and got outta there.

Andrew was not as excited as I had hoped. In fact, he was pretty much annoyed that I brought home kittens. We contacted AARF to find someone to adopt them but luckily, by that the night, after a few beers, he was smitten with the kittens.

We jokingly named our two little girls 'Mouse Hunter 5000' and 'Paul'. Ridiculous, I know. I hate to think that that will remain their names but at the same time it's a bit funny.

They are quite the pair. Play, sleep, eat, play is their daily routine with emphasis on playing. They enjoy string, crumpled paper, laptops, cords, chairs, books (when you're reading them), Christmas trees, ornaments, plastic bags and boxes to name a few items.

I'm thinking that we're going to enjoy having our little friends around.

Mouse Hunter 500


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Backyard Birds

Watching out the window this morning I saw about a dozen Robins, four Cardinals, two Blue jays, one Eastern Bluebird, and several more small brown birds in the yard at the same time. I don't even feed the birds. Imagine the activity out there if I did.

I keep telling myself that I will start feeding them but always forget. Plus, my neighbors have six roaming cats so I would hate to set up a buffet for them. The birds seem to be quite happy to forage in our yard so I shall leave'em be.

The most surprising thing for me is how often I see the Eastern Bluebirds. We have several pairs that frequent the yard. Every spring there is a bluebird/nuthatch battle for the one nest box we have. The nuthatch's always win. We should put up another box just for the Bluebirds as it would be a joy to have them stay all spring.

We have a think coating of ice on everything right now. All schools are closed today so I am staying in, wooo hooooo!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Time for Cheer

We picked out a tree on Friday and had it decorated right away. Good thing it goes in the corner because the back side of it is pretty bad. You could never tell from this side. I think that's why it was only $25. Fine with me.

The Rural Hall Library held their Cookie Exchange/Ornament making party November 30. I had a great time once again. Warm spiced cider, cookies, Christmas music and wonderful people really make it feel like the holidays.

I made these two Christmas card stars. I plan to make more if I can find my old card stash. They are super easy. Make yourself a star template or find one on the web. Cut out three using old Christmas cards. Give them all a slight bend down the center from top to bottom. Glue them all together and don't forget to attach some string with glue on top. I glued glitter to all the edges too.

Isn't this little reindeer cute! He is made out of an Okra stem. I didn't make him but I'm going to try it soon. Have some Okra laying around?

Warm yourself up with a beer sampler from your local brewery. No, I didn't drink all that. Our friend Kevin did though. Maybe just have one.