Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Beautiful Poem

Homage to Life

It is good to have chosen
a living home
and harbored time
in a constant heart,
to have seen one's hands
touch the world
as an apple
in a small garden,
to have loved the earth,
the moon and the sun,
like old friends
beyond any others,
and to have entrusted
the world to memory
like a luminous horseman
on his black steed,
to have given shape
to these words: wife, children,
and to have served as a shore
for roving continents,
to have come upon the soul
with little oarstrokes
for it is frightened
by a sudden approach.
It is good to have known
the shade under the leaves
and to have felt age
steal over the naked body
accompanying the grief
of dark blood in our veins
and glazing its silence
with the star, Patience,
to have all these words
stirring in the head,
to choose the least beautiful
and make a little feast for them,
to have felt life
rushed and ill-loved,
to have held it
in this poetry.

Joseph Stroud

Friday, September 21, 2012

On We Will Go

 Well, that farm that I loved so much in my last blog post, sold.  The old saying, "you snooze, you lose", has never been more true.  It took two weeks for me to convince Andrew that it was actually a great deal for the area.  When we finally contacted the realtor there was already three offers.  We were able to make an offer at the very last minute but since we were not pre approved, we had no idea what we could truly afford.  Out of fear, we made a very low offer, (not my idea) and it was not accepted.  Lesson learned.  Moving on.  We are pre approved now and sadly realize that we really could have afforded the place.

It took me a few weeks of periodic crying but I'm okay now, sort of.  I still get mad about it.  I'm such a dreamer that I had that farm totally planned out.  The dreams were made.  Gardens were laid.  Farm animals were munching on grass.  Blast my dreamy dreams!

There will be another.  I hope.