Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dwarf Iris Bloom: Part 3


Ruby Eruption


Party Animal



Mikey Likes It


Dwarf Iris Bloom: Part 2

More little beauties.


Glamour Cat

Enchanted Princess

Cousin Carol

Clever Touch

Dwarf Iris Bloom

These are some of the first for the spring.

Cherry Curl

Clever Touch


Breezy Blue


Friday, May 20, 2011

Trillium in the Woods

It's hard to beat this show of Trillium's in Northport, MI. I have never seen them so thick anywhere else. I would love to have a picnic in there and just sit and look at each and every one. Ramps are also thick in the woods this time of year. You can see there leaves poking up through the trilliums. I would love to make a Ramp pesto sometime.

This Week in the Orchards

The sweet cherries are in full bloom in most of the orchards. The tarts are just getting started. Apples are showing a bit of color but it will be a few more days before they get going.

A little peek at Lake Michigan beyond the rolling hills of Leelanau's Apple Orchards.

A little bit of apple blossom pink.

A wonderful show in the sweet cherry orchards this year. We should have tons of cherries!

Nectarines are one my favorites.

Tart cherry blossoms popping like popcorn everywhere. Monday should be beautiful.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tulips from the garden.

Spring Orchard Scenes.

Apricots being pruned during full bloom.

Newly trellised wine grapes.

A few handsome Tom's looking for a date in the apple orchards.

A newly planted, 60 acre, tart cherry orchard.

Morel season!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Susan's Garden

I know it has been forever since I posted! I'm back. I was a bit busy and had no chance to see any gardens until this past few weeks. I'm heading to MI for the summer on Wednesday so there is much more to come.

Here is Susan's beautiful garden. She lives on what is left of an old farmstead in Lewisville, NC. The house and outbuildings are over 100 years old. It's really quite beautiful. She is an amazing gardener and a lovely person.

It was over 80 degrees and very sunny the day I visited. The early spring heat gets things blooming early! Enjoy the tour.