Saturday, October 17, 2009

Very Scary!

Woods of Terror consisted of an hour of trails leading us in and out of themed, horror filled places including many great movies. We walked through the nightmares of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, the Ring, My bloody Valentine, Saw, Jeepers Creepers, Hell Raiser and more.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was probably the best. As soon as we aproached the house we new right where we were.  We both staired up at the two story house working up the courage to enter.  The door creeked open revealing the entire family including their screaming victims, covered in blood, being held captive. Eventually to be eaten, I'm sure.

Jeepers Creepers was great as well.  Set in a corn field, fog rolling all around, it was very creepy indeed. Several school buses sat debilitated in the corn field. Climb on board if you dare. Screaming, bloody, soon to be dead victims, beg for our help. An arm grabs at us from the roof of the bus.

I can't count how many times I jumped and screamed. Someone always waiting, hiding, ready to scare us.   Many of the monsters paid special attention to me since I was odviously an easily scared target.  I startle very easily.  With 130 actors in full costume it made for a very scary and fun haunt.

My only complaint is about the teenage girls that were in front of us throughout the trail. Probably around 16 or younger, I actually wanted to slap each one of them. They basically heckled every single performer saying repetitive phrases such as "oh my god! I love your makeup. I’m not even joking!, Oh my god! You are so hot! I'm not even joking!"  They were a complete fun killer. At no point did they shut up. Even the performers, in character, expressed their dislike of those little brats!

Other than that it was really fun and scary! You better go find a haunt in your area. It's almost Halloween!


Kiki said... interesting..Sounds like fun!Great post..I felt like i was there!

Rosey Pollen said...

Sounds like a blast, except for the bratty girls. I would have needed a valium after that.

tina said...

I hate it when people act like those teenaged girls. So not cool but cool to them (teenagers!). Halloween is my favorite holiday and hauntings in fields and woods would be fun!