Monday, October 19, 2009

A Late Labor Day Post

Over Labor Day weekend we hit the water and did a little boating. Tippy Dam is just four miles from my home in Brethren, MI. Built in 1918, it's known nation wide for it's incredible Salmon and Stealhead fishing (below the dam of course). The new world record Brown Trout was just caught on Sept. 9th in the Manistee River several miles below the dam. Here is a link to the article. click me

This is known as the Tippy Dam back waters. Great camping, fishing and boating are the big attractions.

My boyfriend, Andrew, on the left. His best bud, Jared, on the right, relaxing.

So many beautiful views here. A few islands are dappled throughout the waters. Bald Eagles are abundant here as well. The water is extremely deep and full of old logs and stumps. You have to be pretty careful where you go to avoid smacking into a stump. They are always on the move due to the heavy current.

The water is also home to the prehistoric fish, sturgeon. Living as long as 150 years, they have been over fished in this area so they are quite rare. There has been lots of work done to restore them in the last few years.

A pontoon boat passing by. Quite a few people out today enjoying the perfect Holiday weather.

Careful now!

I grew up exploring and camping here at the Tippy Dam. It has been our favorite place to go since we were little. Bears, whitetail deer, bobcats and the extremely rare mountain lion siting (I've never seen one) help enhance our appreciation of this great and wild state forest.


Roses and Lilacs said...

What a lovely, unspoiled place. I would love to spend weeks there just hiking and enjoying the scenery.

sweet bay said...

Beautiful place. It reminds me of Jordan Lake near us.

Mo said...

Sounds and looks very idealic

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Wonderful place, and your pictures show it well!

Anonymous said...

I love the natural beauty, the boyfriend ain't bad either-HA, of this childhood spot of yours Heather. The thought of fish living to 150 is mind boggling! Deep waters, scary but awe inspiring at the same time. I love the tree roots exposed, like giant Bonsai. :-)

Anonymous said...

I mean Michelle!!!!

Anonymous said...

So much for trying to personalize a comment, so sorry.