Friday, October 23, 2009

And nothing is gained by not gathering roses...

Asking For Roses by Robert Frost

A house that lacks, seemingly, mistress and master,
With doors that none but the wind ever closes,
Its floor all littered with glass and with plaster;
It stands in a garden of old-fashioned roses.

I pass by that way in the gloaming with Mary;
I wonder,' I say, 'who the owner of those is.
Oh, no one you know,' she answers me airy,
But one we must ask if we want any roses.

So we must join hands in the dew coming coldly
There in the hush of the wood that reposes,
And turn and go up to the open door boldly,
And knock to the echoes as beggars for roses.

Pray, are you within there, Mistress Who-were-you?
Tis Mary that speaks and our errand discloses.
Pray, are you within there? Bestir you, bestir you!
Tis summer again; there's two come for roses.

A word with you, that of the singer recalling
Old Herrick: a saying that every maid knows is
A flower unplucked is but left to the falling,
And nothing is gained by not gathering roses.

We do not loosen our hands' intertwining
(Not caring so very much what she supposes),
There when she comes on us mistily shining
And grants us by silence the boon of her roses.

I took a stroll through Reynolda Gardens on Thursday.

I found myself getting light headed while wandering through the roses.

I realized I was smelling them way to much.

It's hard to remember to exhale when all you want to do is inhale.

The sweet smells of apples and citrus. Honey and fresh air.

I wanted to gather an armful and take them all home.

Keep them all to myself.

But these are not mine.

So I will share.


azplantlady said...

This is a great post. Great poetry and beautiful photos of roses. I could almost smell their fragrance.

Darla said...

Just stunning photos of these roses!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Oh, just beautiful! I enhaled while reading and exhaled only after looking at all the roses. Wonderful poem and charming roses!

Pam said...

So pleased you did share. I'm in real need of roses just now; must be the autumn.
P x

Barry said...

Thank you for sharing. That was a wonderful post, the photos, the poem and the commentary.

Now exhale.

Rosey Pollen said...

Very nice poem to go along with your spectacular photos. Did you get your fill of roses?

Kris said...

So clear are your photos I really could smell their fragrance. They say scent memory is the strongest and a lovely post like this really triggers it. Thanks for sharing. :-D

joey said...

Your roses, stunning, and a perfect poem! Michigan waits for your return :)

Town Mouse said...

beautiful! i'm always amazed how late in the year roses bloom. love the photos!

Joanne said...

Wonderful roses and lovely poem I had to chuckle about the bit about remembering to exhale how true how true in a rose garden especially so.
What a lovely blog I am so pleased I found it as roses are one of my passions with clematis.

Joanne said...

Truly exquisite. What a perfect creation, the rose.

Lorilee said...

The roses are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

Gloria Bonde said...

Beautiful Roses! I planted 30 roses in my front yard, 30 roses in the back. That was before the deer over populated. The back is guarded by a fence, the front has been rose-delicious. I am moving them to the back. - Gloria