Friday, March 6, 2009

Reynolda Village Part 1: Orchids

Today I spent several hours at Reynolda Village taking pictures and enjoying the warm weather. It was a perfect 68 degrees today. I took around 100 photos so I am going to share them in three or four separate posts.

I will start with the Orchids of the Reynolda greenhouses and Conservatory. The plants in this little section are marked for sale.

The stunning Lady Slipper Orchid was selling for 28$ They are some of my favorites.

I intended to take a photo of the enctrance to the Arboretum but forgot apparently. Here is a little history about the greenhouses and Conservatory. This is an excerpt from the Reynolda Gardens website.
The Greenhouse and Conservatory
The 1913 Lord and Burnham greenhouse and conservatory was designed to serve the needs of the family and Reynolda Farms, as well as to provide income through the commercial enterprise, Reynolda Florist, which was an active business for over fifty years. Today the buildings contain an educational display of tropical and succulent plants, featuring an extensive orchid collection. The growing houses support the requirements of the formal gardens and plant sales. One wing of the greenhouse has been converted to a classroom.

Such an amazing little orchid! The weeping nature of this one makes it spectacular.


blossom said...

Beautiful! So many orchids and loving all of them. I love your first photo, too! How about if I erect something like that at the entrance of my home? Hmmm ...

Gail said...

The local botanical garden used to have an orchid was a joy to visit on a winter's empty now and I wonder where all the orchids have gone! They really are amazing flowering much variety in color and form! I especially like the moth like flowers of the smaller orchids. Thank you for the tour...I had a great time! gail

Joanne said...

What a place, it's like walking into a floral paradise. You are so fortunate to have this greenhouse close by, a place to go for inspiration, beauty, peace.

flowrgirl1 said...

It only takes about 20 minutes to get there from my house! It's so close. When the outdoor gardens start to bloom its really something! Roses galore!!

Jan said...

From your photos, it looks like you had some wonderful flowers to look at on your visit. Thanks for sharing; I enjoyed it.

Always Growing

Stu said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos of the Orchids. Such a pretty plant.
I can't believe I live so close to this place and have never visited it, now that you are featuring it it'll hopefully inspire me to do something about that!

Anne said...

this is so good sometimes to read a blog post about place that is close - you never visited.
This is beautiful post - stunning orchids, very beautifully arranged presentation and the conservatory itself is sooo airy, elegant.