Friday, March 6, 2009

Not Getting Along with the New Neighbors!

It's never good to fight with the new folks in town over the same house. That's whats going on in my backyard. What I believe to be Nuthatch's have been preparing our bird house for a few weeks now. I watched curiously last week as on of them would duck in and return with a mouth full of debree. She or he would then stuff the debree underneath the bark of the tree. Now, I am not a bird expert so this behavior was all new to me. My friend Shelly and I sat on the porch, drinking Margaritas, enjoying the show. A sort of soap opera in my own backyard!

Today there are several bird couples fighting it out for the bird house. A pair of Eastern Blue Birds and a pair of Nuthatch's. My photos are not good as I could not get any closer but you can see a little of the action. Every time i tried to catch their aerial acrobatics they would flit into the trees.

I love this picture because the female blue bird is sitting on the roof of the house while everyone else is flitting around. You can see a nuthatch up on the side of the tree.

Here is one of the nuthatches on the tree.

My boyfriend, Andrew, will be proud. He built that house in Boy Scouts when he was young.


Joanne said...

Real estate is in high demand in your backyard ;)

We have a couple birdhouses too, and it's always interesting to watch how much work goes into preparing that home for the Spring. The birds are so busy, and intent on the task at hand.

flowrgirl1 said...

and the winner is...Nuthatch! They are out there doing home prep now!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I just love to see this activity in the backyard(!)...although, the results of the competition can be brutal:( I have 2 nestboxes but a bluebird family has never occupied it. Each year, it seems the tufted titmice take over. I do get lots of b.b.'s though...I think they 'nest' further down in the woods from me.
I had a sad experience last yr. after watching the titmice couple for a while, suddenly there was no action for days. I checked it out and feathers were everywhere...including a tiny baby and broken eggs, etc--in the box, and out of the box. I don't know what got it. Right after that, my husband put long guards at the openings to the boxes. I am hoping this might prevent problems this yr., at least I would like that:)
It's nice that this home made box of yours is finally being used!

Kris said...

Nice pics of the suspects! Glad to read that the 'cease and desist' order brought balance back into the neighborhood. I hope you enjoy the nuthatches. :-)

Judy said...

Drinking Margarita's and watching bird squabbles in your backyard?! *giggles!*

Sue said...

Oh, it's birds, that's a relief. Some people have trouble with people neighbors. I've heard of plants being ripped up or sprayed with chemicals on purpose.