Monday, March 9, 2009

Janelle's Garden

My dear friend Janelle hosted a luncheon at her house last Saturday. There was eight of us that attended. Lots of good food and chatter for several hours. We then went out to see whats blooming in Janelle's garden.

Her yard is a slightly sloped, woodland style garden. Janelle created this garden over about 10 years. I think it is a beautiful garden. Stone paths lead throughout the sloped landscape where lush plantings hug the stones.

Right now, in the garden, the Daphne is in full bloom and how I wish you could smell this picture! This Daphne can be smelt from 20 feet away.

Spring blooming bulbs are popping up all over. Daffodils, Crocus, Iris, and Pushkinia are everywhere. Soon Leucojum will be blooming as well.

She has a big problem with rabbits eating her crocus so this cute little painted basket protects them and looks decorative.

During the winer months she has to protect the fish in the pond from a resident hawk. Janelle witnessed the hawk dining on her gold fish a few summers ago. Since then she has kept this screen over it during the leafless months. Once the pond plant and trees leaf out it is safe to remove the cover.

Some of her trilliums are popping up as well. I love the mottled foliage of this one.

Hellebores are everywhere in these gardens. Hundreds of them put on a show and Janelle is happy to share with friends.


Heather said...

Janelle has a beautiful garden. I hope you will post more pics of this as the summer comes on. Luncheons sound so nice right about now. I may have to have one.

Kathleen said...

Your friends garden is beautiful. Great way to protect the fish in her pond too. I'll tuck that idea away for down the road! The conservatory in your previous posts houses some amazing orchids/plants. I love the pitchers.

Dirt Princess said...

Beautiful yard...I bet it was a great get together

blossom said...

The pond is something I want to have in my garden as well. Surely it would be more beautiful when the water plants grow. Daffodils are blooming, they are my favorite flower. Your friend has a big beautiful garden

sweet bay said...

Janelle's garden is lovely. There's nothing quite like a woodland garden in spring.

flowrgirl1 said...

I will pass these comments along to Janelle. She will be tickled. I will keep posting as her garden progresses. It really fills out!

Sorry to delete on of the comments by accident. If you check back and dont see your comment I accidentaly didn't post it.

Esther Montgomery said...

It looks very peaceful.

This is the first year I have begun to appreciate hellebores.

Esther Montgomery

garden girl said...

Ooooh, pretty! I hope Janelle doesn't mind you sharing pictures with us as the seasons progress!