Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to my blog

I'm very new to blogging. I don't consider myself a good writer at all. I usually throw away things i write. Perhaps this will help me learn. So far it has been lots of fun. I am really enjoying this new world of anything but ordinary blogs. So many great people and blogs on this site. Time to start digging in!


Rick Rosenshein said...

Hi there,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it greatly. I see that you enjoy gardening. If you go back to the beginning of my blog, you will see tons of photos from my gardens. Thanks again and keep up the great work on your blog. Love you flower photos. Rick

Marilyn said...

Northern MI is beautiful. I live in SE MI now. What I liked about living in the U.P. was the big sky and very long days of summer. At least now you live where it is a bit warmer longer.

Lucy said...

I'm glad you enjoy blogging. It's fun - and I've found it has enlarged my world view.

I expect lots of people have warned you it's addictive - but it's a nice addiction!

Best wishes.

Lucy Corrander

Machelle said...

Welcome to blogging! I have not been blogging very long myself. You will find during the growing season you will will have something to share with the blogging world almost daily.

Mustafa said...

I just came here to tell you:
Good Luck, and keep it up...