Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Visit to Ensata Gardens

My friend Lynda and I took a day trip down to Galesburg MI to visit the largest Japanese iris grower in the country, Ensata Gardens. We got an early start as it was about a four hour drive and we wanted lots of time to enjoy the blooms.

We passed the entry the first time. Its tucked back and not marked at all. We pulled in wondering is this the place? Well we knew soon enough. First we passed an older white farm house. It was a charming old place on the right. We kept moving along the dirt roadfurther back onto the property. I noticed lots of Eastern Redbuds sprouting up all around the property before I noticed the house. A very beautiful, large, brick house. It was surrounded by beautiful gardens and perfect green grass. It almost seemed as though the air was green. I wanted to roll in the grass and take a long nap! It was quite enchanting.

They have a very extensive collection of conifers and hostas.

I love old barns. They had a really beautiful building with old windows surrounded with ferns and hostas.

Part of the rock waterfall and stream they built.

Some of their Japanese irises.

Here is a partial view of their growing fields.


Matt said...

very pretty. i work in landscaping during summers and we accomplish very similar layouts.

joey said...

Delighted to meet you and thanks for stopping by to say hello. Most impressed with your lovely site, photos, and knowledge. We MI gardeners and lovers of this stunning state must stick together :)

tina said...

Just beautiful! And good job on the pics too:)