Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me as a gardener, the beginning

My earliest childhood memories are remarkebly from when i was around 3 years old. Im not sure but i think thats pretty young to remember things. I can recall quite a bit though.

The corn field across the road where my dad spent hours on the tractor. I sat on his lap a few times as we did laps around the field.

I recall the old glass front flower shop that we owned and operated.

The little cement bottom pond at our home that had cattails and frogs.

The large family room and fire place adorned with white wicker furniture and orange shag carpet.

I was always surrounded with flowers. If i wasn't at home in the greenhouses then i was at the flower shop in Manistee.

Looking back its impossible to imagine me doing anything else but gardening.

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Tatyana said...

Isn't it amazing how we carry childhood through our life? Even when people don't have a garden, real one, they have that first garden(s) in their minds and can always go back there.