Thursday, January 22, 2009

Apples and Green Beans

For a fun project at the babysitters house she decided to make paper seed cups and plant apple seeds in them. I was five and very excited to have my very own apple tree. Imediately upon arriving home I moved the seed into our vegetable garden.

Our vegetable garden was a magical place,hidden at the back of our farm. A small path through the woods led to it. The corn was taller than my father. I can still see his legs moving through the paths while i snuck around at his feet. I rember it well. Weedless with perfect rows. I had my own little spot where i lovingly placed my apple seed.

The seed started to sprout. Everyday i waited for apples on the tiny seedling. One day i went to check it and found tiny green beans! I began to cry and run back to the house. I can still remember running up the path which was cloaked by a large crab apple tree. My vision was blurred with tears. I ran to my mom who concoled me knowing the truth about my seed.

It was 10+ years later when she told me the truth. She said the seed hadn't sprouted so she replaced it with a green bean plant. She never thought i would react so badly.

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