Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spam. Not the kind in a can.

Lately, I have been receiving comments on my posts that are entirely in characters. I'm not sure if they are Japanese/Chinese or ??? I haven't been allowing them since I have no idea what they say. Suppose I should snoop around a bit more to find out.

Then today I got a message from a user that doesn't like deer hunting apparently. I have no problem with that. To each there own. But, if you are going to make a remark about something you don't like than you should probably not do it from an anonymous or private location. I wanted to go visit this person who doesn't like my post but their profile/blog was set to private.

I won't publish rude comments from those who are hiding.


Lori Skoog said...

Michelle...over the past several months I have gotten many comments in Japanese or Chinese too, and I have rejected them for the same reason. I don't have a clue about them.

Just chickens don't dare to post their names....

Are you still up north?

NellJean said...

I copied and pasted into a translation site. They're not something you want on your blog, just delete.

I started requiring approval for posts older than 7 days; they pick old posts so they show up in my approval net. It may take a few days of the word thingie to discourage him.

Randy Emmitt said...

I'm not a big fan of deer hunting, but I do know it needs to be done to control the population. Still I'd rather you post what comes to your mind and it is deer hunting that is OK with me.
The strange characters happen because your browser is not set up the view the special languages I think.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Michelle, I got several comments in Japanese last summer. I didn't publish them. Then, I decided to check one of them. It was from a porno site. Since all those comments were coming on one particular post, I put that post in drafts. Comments stopped. Then, I got spam in English and other languages. I changed my comment settings (not allow anonymous)and turned on the mode using a verification word. Spam stopped. Now, I am back to my normal settings which are easy for commenters. If I get spam again, I'll do what I described above, again.

Laura said...

I know other people have had unusual comments too.

Why do things have to get complicated?


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I was getting a few of the comments in Japanese or Chinese too. Then all of a sudden they just disappeared. I had someone put them on several posts in a matter of a few minutes. I was going to delete them, but they were gone before I could.
I think you should be able to post what you want, if people don't agree that's their choice but no need to be insulting about it, especially since it's your blog.

Michelle said...

Ugh, I hate the ones that are in weird characters. I got them on 50 of my posts in a row one time, not fun!

Thomas said...

That's just plain rude! I can't imagine openly disagreeing with someone on their blog, yet doing so privately. I respect other people's beliefs... at least those of have the conviction to identify themselves.

I am not a fan of hunting merely for sport, but have a great deal of respect for those who hunt and eat what they kill. I think it takes a lot of guts to do so...something most of us do not encounter at the supermarket.

TC said...

Sorry to hear about the spam Ms. Michelle. I too prefer the kind in the can (with Spam and Cheese being my favorite). I've not had comments like those you've been bothered with, and hope not to. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Glad to hear that I am not the only one getting tons of "Character spam" frankly, it drives me nuts.

I don't like it, and I am sure some of it contains viruses. Which is why they go straight by the delete button.

I thought at first that it was because my web site was attracting attention, but maybe it is the blog.