Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good Reading

Lately, since I have many hours of free time, I have been reading up a storm. Jumping around from book to book, gathering info, taking notes, learning new techniques, and gaining insight. These are all excellent books so far.

Cheeeeeese! Need I say more.

Vegetable gardening is a great vegetable reference book with detailed info on many crops.

The New Organic Grower is fabulous. Elliot Coleman is a genius! Info on all aspects of vegetables, cultivation, market gardening, etc...

The Heirloom Tomato is a mouth watering reference to some of the best tomatoes out there. My favorite aspects are the photos and the flavor ratings.

I received this book free many years ago with my subscription to Organic Gardening magazine. Nice little booklet with tons of info.

A really nice composting reference.

Great and fun! Learn the likes and dislikes of tons of flowers, herbs, fruits, shrubs, trees, and vegetables. Plus info on poisonous plants, garden plans and more.

Backyard Market Gardening is full of great ideas that are still applicable today even though this book is a bit older.

Excellent in every aspect. So much inspiration and good, useful info to get anyone started.

I love this book. The section on Goats cracked me up. This book makes me want to own each and every animal!


Randy Emmitt said...

Lots of good reading. Wish I could find the time to read the new Parks Seed catalog.

Town Mouse said...

Isn't it fun to spend time with some good books? I like the Internet just fine, but I'm still a big fan of the real thing...

Mo said...

Great selection. For me the best is the cheese book

Gail said...

You are going to be SO ready to have your own farm! gail

Dee said...

Hi Michele,
Thanks fir the recommandation.
I wonder if you actually try to compost by yourself?

Jo said...

Those all look like fabulous books. I inherited my mother's gardening books, and they're wonderful.

By the way, you have the most beautiful masthead in the blogosphere...!

Lori Skoog said...

What a great collection of books. We grow organic garlic and many other veggies...I want my husband to look at these.

fairegarden said...

Hi Michele, those are all great books with tons of good info. Your brain must be gigantic now after reading so much! I loved the little tree ornaments in the previous post too. So simply and sweet. :-)

Michelle said...

Thanks for all the comments. I have a silly amount of time to read since I barely work right now. I would like to be working a bit more but I do love learning so it a good trade.

I hope my head is getting bigger with knowledge!lol

Thomas said...

I've only read Eliot Coleman's book among this list. I'll have to check out the rest!

Concord Carpenter said...

Just got the book Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long.

It looks awesome. Do you do any greenhouse growing?

Great blog by the way!