Friday, August 7, 2009

Is It Over?

The season isn't far from over here in MI. Night's have been very cool and I've seen some Maple's turning orange already. I only work five more weeks and then it's back to NC. Lot's to do till then.

Still waiting for tomatoes. Squash is prolific, when isn't it? The phlox, agastache, herbs and hydrangea's are blooming. Did I mention that I bought three new hydrangea's and a wisteria? I have, in three weeks, come home with a total of 111 new plants for under $100. Now that's how it's done!

Here is an Allium from earlier this year. It's either gladiator, globemaster or gigantium.


Juliett Farnesse said...

What a basquet! Precious in your hands!

Debbie's Garden said...

Awesome allium!!! Trees turning already? We didn't really have much of a summer. Great for being outside gardening in comfort though. Wonder what this weather means for winter though

sweet bay said...

Spectacular allium.

It's not cool in NC right now, except in the air conditioning!