Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rain Check on Thanksgiving

Since we are living in a basement apartment with no kitchen, (we share the upstairs kitchen with roomies) and our parents have all moved to AZ, and our siblings have plans, and we wont be moving into our new house until December, and...  I guess we will have to wait to have our little feast. 

I was really hoping to cook for everyone.  I love making the feast.  Perhaps I can wrangle in a few people for our late celebration.  Oh how glorious it will be to cook in our new kitchen with brand spanking new stainless appliances including a gas stove, my favorite way to cook!

  I sat up and looked at seed catalogs for hours after reading the book, Heirloom: Notes from and accidental tomato farmer by Tim Stark.  I played on Pinterest for many hours yesterday, pinning gardening stuff.  I laid in bed last night until after 2am thinking of the possibilities for our five acres.  I may loose my mind.
 See the pretty rolling hills through the doors.  The carpet was replaced with wood floors since this photo was taken.

Some of the backyard.


Randy said...

I say hit the grocery deli, pick up a few things and a bottle of wine. Grab some pillows and blanket, call a few friends that have no nearby family and have a picnic in the new place. To me it more about the fellowship than the food anyway. :0)

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful idea! Robin in NC