Monday, November 26, 2012

Late Summer Pics

I'm still really terrible at using blogger.  I have the hardest time placing photos, caption and text.  It probably doesn't help that I'm very impatient and spend zero time actually learning the program. 

I started using the caption feature but then it just stopped working, oy.  Whatever.  You can see in some of the photos that I have a piece of fuzz inside my lens.  I use a sony cybershot so it will probably be cheaper to buy a new one than to send it off to be cleaned.

Eventually, I would love to upgrade to a Canon Rebel.  First, I must make a more consistent income.  Always easier said than done.  

Amazing storm.
Slow decay.
Zissou enjoying her favorite spot.  Hilarious.

 Morning webs.

 Cherry orchard fence.
 Zissou in her second favorite place.

 More morning mist.  See the fuzz in the center of the pic?

 The clouds above.

The sand below.  Andrew and I visiting Lake Michigan.
 Juice grapes.
 An otter at Fishtown in Leland.

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