Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fun Website; Pinterest.com

A friend recently told me about Pinterest.  I am already so addicted to it.  It's a giant online pin board to post your favorite things to share with others, including fashion, food, DIY, homes, places, crafts, kids, photography and tons more.  I have spent countless hours pinning and liking.

The site has also rekindled my crafting.  I made a cute headband yesterday.  I starting sewing a new clutch and I made my first pillowcase skirt last night.

Thousands upon thousands of fun ideas await you.  Go check it out!



I'm a Pinterest JUNKIE! Maybe we can locate each other.

Hanna at Orchid Care said...

Your post about Pinterest.com was so compelling that I had to check it out and WOW, I love it.

Now my only fear is that I’ll end up abandoning all my friends on Facebook and spending much of my spare time at Pinterest. But my fear has dissipated as soon as I made up my mind to introduce it to everyone I know and that could become our new meeting place in cyberspace.

Thank you for posting about it and now I’ll be off to do some pinning of my own.