Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Reading

I recently read 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle' by Kingsolver, 'The Accidental Farmers' by Tim Young, 'Growing a Farmer' by Kurt Timmermeister, 'The Gift of Good Land' by Wendell Berry, 'Wisdom of the Last Farmer' by David Mas Masumoto, and 'The Contrary Farmer' by Gene Logsdon.  The overwhelming theme here is agriculture and I loved them all.  If I can't play in the dirt of my own farm, I may as well read about others doing it and learn a little something.

I'm still working on 'The Good Life' by the Nearings, 'The Unsettling of America' by Wendell Berry, 'Deeply Rooted' by Lisa M. Hamilton, 'The One-Straw Revolution' by Masanobu Fukuoka and 'Walden' by Thoreau.  I started most of these over last spring or summer.  Time to wrap them up.  I have owned Walden  for over a year and figured I should probably read it now since so many other books I have read quote it so frequently.

I have a very long wish list on Amazon also, so I see some new books in my near future.  I need to hunt down some local bookstores to see what they have 'used'.  I purchased 'Walden' for $4 at a used book store in Michigan.  What a deal!

What are you reading?

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HolleyGarden said...

Thanks for your list. You have just given me my winter's reading list! :) Do you know about Alibris? They sell used books. I buy a lot of my stuff from there. Shipping usually doubles the price, but I just checked and Waden's 99 cents there.