Saturday, May 15, 2010

Raised Beds and Cold Frames

My mom and I spent the day building raised beds for our square foot gardens. We have four done so far. Time to go scrounge for more lumber. The first frame was originally a picnic table. We left some of the metal on since it was difficult to take off plus it will work to support row covers.

I also planted tons of melon, summer and winter squash, and pumpkin seeds last night. Many more seeds to plant tomorrow.

Next is to build vine supports and bamboo tepees for the beans and peas.

Moms property is surrounded by a horse farm which provides endless, free manure for us. They even load it free! It's mixed with straw bedding and composted for years.

I dug out some sod to create a cold frame. We were going to build a wood framed one but I figured this is just as good for now. We have the irises about half weeded now and the garlic is growing great. You can see the garlic running along the cold frame.

Some views of the yard. It will look much different in the coming weeks.


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

You're so lucky to have all that great composted horse manure! Beds are looking good!

Randy Emmitt said...

We had bad luck with horse manure last year, It wilted a lot of stuff. This year I got 2 yards of compost from the orange County Landfill for $56. Mixed half of it in a new bed. The rest we need to do something.

Kris said...

What an ambitious project! Looking forward to watching it progress this season. You are going to be one busy gal! You go girl! :-D

Southern Lady said...

I love your new beds. I didn't have any luck with my garlic this year. It came up, but then wilted. I think my husband watered it too much. Carla

Kristine and Michael said...

Awesome garden. The squash , melons and pumpkins are going to love that wonderful old horse dung.