Monday, May 3, 2010

Backyard Bird Drama

A few days ago I was able to sit outback and watch the five little nuthatches leave the nest. What a fun experience! Last year they left when I was gone so I was disappointed to miss them. Each one spent minutes looking around and then finally getting the courage to pop out and fly to a nearby tree. Soon the woods were filled with baby birds. What a joy!

Today, I made myself a cup of coffee and went into the living room. Suddenly, I heard Robins screeching in the backyard. I ran out the door and saw four or more Robins flying around one of the Robins nests. Then a large crow flies away with a baby Robin in it's claws!!! How awful! Everyone settles down after a short chase. The parents end up flitting back and forth between some smaller trees. I finally looked down and there was a little Robin in the grass, close to the porch. It must have been dislodged during the scuffle. The parents are feeding it but I wonder if it has a chance. I don't know what stage it's at as far as maturity goes. It looks pretty well feathered. I want to go out there and protect him but I know that is not the correct thing to do right?

Our neighbors have six outdoor cats that use our yard as a passage to the neighborhood. I hope they are past their hunting age. They seem to be indifferent to most things. Fingers crossed.


Southern Lady said...

That is terrible. I don't know exactly what I would do If I were you. I have heard that it is okay to put one back into the nest if it has fallen out. Maybe if you wore some gloves and picked it up, the parents wouldn't mind so much. Good Luck! Keep me posted on the outcome. Carla

Roses and Lilacs said...

That's the thing about nature, it is often so cruel. I think we all get more or less attached to our birds and are very sad when something bad happens to them.

I have a love/hate relationship with my house wrens. They were here on the farm before I was but I hate the way they kill other baby birds and steal the nesting boxes.

keewee said...

Drama indeed. Dang crows!!!!

Elephant's Eye said...

Meredith at Enchanted Earth blogged a while back, about Fluffy, the owl baby. Which they rescued, carefully, and place in tree for his parents to continue caring for him.

Randy Emmitt said...

Just leave the baby alone, sometimes the parents will not have anything to do with the young once touched by humans. I had crows raiding here yesterday as well. And they left my windshield a mess too boot.

Bangchik said...

To see such drama with our own eyes, must be very sad. But there is always that dualism, a sad and angry mother, but a happy crow and probably its babies too. Nature has a self revolving mechanism to keep it rolling. But too bad, if we have to witness it ourselve.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How exciting to have seen the baby Nuthatches. I miss the Chickadees every year that nest in one of our birdhouses.
A few years ago I remember seeing something similar with Crows and Robins. You feel so bad for the Robins that are trying to protect their babies. I hope the baby will be okay.

Karen said...

Michelle, here's a local wildlife rescue group for you for the next time (but, hopefully there won't be a next time:

They're over here in Greensboro, but work all over the Triad.

BTW, found your blog through Live to Garden. Glad to see another avid Midwestern gardener here, even if you're from Michigan. I'm originally from Ohio and am an Ohio State grad.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That is awful about the crow flying away with the robin.
Sometimes around here some baby birds are on the ground right before they can fly well. Lionel, the cat, is always a problem then. The parent birds try and try to keep Lionel away.
Sometimes it works. Other times the little fellows fly up just in time.

Hope your little robin flies up just in time, too.
Have a great weekend.