Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Blooms at Janelle's

Janelle's garden is coming alive now. The Daffodils will be in full swing in a week or so.

Moss at the ponds edge.

The crocus somehow managed to avoid being eaten by rabbits this time.

The fragrance of this Edgeworthia is amazing.

One can never have enough daff's.

Striped squill, I think. Janelle may have told me it was something else but I can't recall.


Some of the hundreds of Hellebore's in her garden.

Here is a view of the yard as of 3/11/10. I will post a shot from this point next week to see the progress.


Gail said...

Aren't spring blooms the best! I like the long view of Janelle's garden~and look forward to more about it. gail

donna said...

Nothing says spring in the garden like yellow and purple. Interesting shot of the moss. I've never heard of Edgeworthia before, but like the looks of it.


Roses and Lilacs said...

The flowers are all lovely but the Edgeworthia is very special. I had never seen these before.