Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Leahm

It's hard being away from my family for so long. Leahm, my brother Chris' son, is the only baby in the family so far. He is growing so fast and since I am gone eight months at a time it's like he is morphing into a different child every time I see him. He turned two last August. I was lucky to return home for mom's wedding and see him in November but it will another six months after that before I see him again, ugh.

He was a tiny newborn, only about five pounds at birth. When his mother went to her last doctor visit two weeks before her due date, they noticed that Leahm was losing weight. At that moment they decided to do an emergency c-section. He had lost over a pound in the whoom. Luckly he was delivered safely and is now a wild little boy with a hint of asthma like his father.

Look at that silly grin!

I think he looks like a little glow worm here. Just a couple of weeks old.

Six months old.

About nine months.

About a year old.

His second birthday.

Look at those lashes!

Leahm and dad enjoying Lake Michigan.

Going shirtless, probably to the beach.

My mom and Glen's home is surrounded by a horse farm. They are very friendly so we walk on in at Leahm's request. He loves horsies! He screams 'horsies' in the most hilarious way I have ever heard. Seeing him running across the grass to the horse fence is too cute. Of course, we are right there otherwise there would be trouble. We have to tell him that the horsies have to take a nap otherwise we would never get to leave.

My brother's, Christopher and Justin with Leahm.

My mom and Justin showing Leahm the horsies.

Daddy and his boy.

Our mom aka Grammy.

Cool dude. The name Leahm offers many options for cute nicknames so hammer, leeham and jammer are all names we love to call him.

Of course, he isn't always a sweet little boy. Looks like a fall temper tantrum.

Being cute.

Merry Christmas!

He loves his new christmas t-rex.


Debbie's Garden said...

So tiny in the beginning! Love the "meltown" in the leaves, and I'm sorry, but those kind of lashes on a little boy are a crime.

patientgardener said...

Its amazing how fast they grow - at least you have a lovely photo record

sweet bay said...

He is a lucky boy to have such a nice family. He looks very much loved!

Concord Carpenter said...

Very cute!

Randy Emmitt said...

Oh such a cute little guy! Your making me a tad bit sad thinking about my grand niece I just met last week at 2 month old. I get up to Ohio about once a year, surely I'll miss seeing her grow up.

Skeeter said...

How sweet and dont blink because they do change quickly....

Your ornaments on the tree were great as was your snowman! I have not built a snowman in 10 years as that was our one and only snow here in GA since we relocated here! Your sweater crafting is an awesome way to recycle :-)

Michelle said...

What a cutie!

donna said...

That is one seriously cute child. Especailly luv the tantrum in the leaves photo.

Little Leahm is lucky to have an aunt that loves him so much.


joey said...

A loving photo story, Michelle! Leahm is lucky to have an adoring aunt like you :)

Thomas said...

My son is around the same age as your nephew and is also very much into animals. We try to expose him as much as we can. I think it teaches them empathy towards living creatures.

Green Gal said...

What a cute little boy! My sister was the most recent baby in our family, so I don't really recall having little kids crawling around. My aunt is due to have a baby in March, so we're all very excited to have a new baby in the family. We're going to have to baby-proof our houses and cabins and make sure our dogs stay clear from him or her. Kids are so fun!