Monday, January 25, 2010

Me and a Garden

Of course I would like my blog to be more about my garden and gardening. But I am away from my flowers so long that it's just not possible at this point. I only spend four months of the year gardening in Michigan and the rest of the time just dreaming about it. Making plans, wish lists, cataloging, reading, taking notes etc. This is the winter that I discovered CSA's and the love I hold for them. I discovered that I want to have my own small CSA and make cheese from goat milk and water buffalo milk.

I realized again how completely gaga I am about plants. This seems to be a seasonal revelation. At some point each year I ask myself if this is all some sort of weird trick my mind is playing on me. Do I really love plants? Why? Really? If you told me that you would give me a big garden full of plants and I could do whatever I want but I had to live in a tent with no running water, I would likely take you up on the offer. Oh yeah, I love plants. It's an insatiable desire to garden and to hoard plants. It's beyond my control. More, more, more is all my mind can muster. No rational thoughts come forth when I try to avoid buying yet another car full of goodies. It's like stocking up for a bad storm. Except, I don't think that a rose bush will save me in a time of great need, emotional, maybe yes. Despite my mother's lecturing I just can't behave for long.

Of course, it could be worse. I could be a drug addicted crazy person. Hmmmm, crazy person, I think that I am.

Here is a recent conversation I had with the sales rack at the store, in my head, I'm not that crazy yet. "Well hello little tulips. Nobody took you home last fall? Well that is just awful. I don't know how anyone could resist your beautiful apricot blooms. What's that you say? You are marked down to $2.50? Why there is 15 of you in a bag! That is a tremendous deal. I suppose I have space for you. I could put you in the fridge for a bit if you like. I know you need the cold. Then I will pot you up and outside you go. It will be a wonderful friendship. I will even take you on a long car ride to the north in the spring. There you will get put into the garden and be with other tulips your age." Well, maybe the conversation wasn't that in depth but it's essentially what was going on. Yes, I took those tulips home along with two other bags of tulips, a bag of crocus and a bag of hyacinths.

This summer I have lots of work to do in the old gardens. I must move everything you see below to my mother's home. There is much more space and sun there. The irises will finally flourish and I will see blooms that I have never seen. The shade gardens will get the adequate watering that they need and my mother will be able to keep her watchful eye on all my little lovelies.

All the potted plants in these photos have since been planted. You can see what I mean though. I buy lots of plants but always on sale.

This is a much more recent bed. It's still nice and neat so moving it won't be hard at all.

These three shots are of the same bed. It's a huge mess. These irises have been in the same spot for eight plus years. It's going to be a lot of digging and confusion. I have been meaning to dig them up for some time now but this year it's gonna happen!

Here is the shade garden. The whole garden should be considered a shade garden these days but I wanted irises and had no where else to put them. This photo is about three or four years old now. I don't really like it but I love the plants in it. I have added many more plants since this picture was taken. They just need a new home.

I look forward to getting out there and digging. It will be such a relief to get them all moved to the new gardens. I have about 1 1/2 acres to play with at mom's. Eventually, it will look amazing.


Bangchik said...

You really love plants and gardening... the arrangement of plants is tasteful indeed. ~bangchik

Green Gal said...

This post is inspiring--you do so much gardening! I have tried, in the past, to get into gardening and I've had tulips and other smaller plants in pots, but I always end up with dead plants because I don't keep them up. Our backyard is crazy right now, with beautiful weeds growing where grass once lived. I like it this time of year, when it's naturally green from all the rain. Come summer, it will be dead and brown--not pretty. Then we pull all the weeds out and there's just dirt. But I really wish I had the time and commitment to turn it into a lovely garden. I think one thing that stops me is that I'm going to college next year and I don't really think my mom or sister would keep up any gardening work. I hope one day to have a garden though, so for now I'll dream about it and continue to read your blog posts about your garden. :-)

tina said...

Such a nice post and a conversation with the apricot tulips. I have them too:)

You have your work cut out for you. I know you can do it though. Take your time and plant for long lasting and it will be a sight to see soon enough!

joey said...

Michigan awaits your return, Michelle! I can see where your heart is :)

Skeeter said...

Trust me you are not crazy or if you are, you are not alone! I talk to the plants all the time, As well as the wild life, my dead cat, etc. I am so grateful there is a bit of land between us and the neighbors as they would surely think I am crazy! I do try to keep my conversations in my head while at the garden center though. Having a hubby near by in the Garden center is nice as I can say I was talking to him if anyone calls me out on it.. hee hee...

Thomas said...

Your flower garden is HUGE! I can't wait to see how it will look this summer.

garden girl said...

Oh yeah, I talk to plants too. I also have conversations with my dog. An elderly neighbor at my last house remarked on this more than once - the thing she thought was most interesting was that he seemed to understand everything I was saying.

My conversations with rabbits and squirrels are not printable - too many expletives!

Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy when you're back in Michigan this year Michelle!

allhorsestuff said...

I used to wake up in the middle of the night and organize my is such a lovely thing for the mind to do awake or from sleeping...peace to you!
Soon...buds and sprigs of spring will liven your view and your spirit will fully awake to the gardens gems!

elizabethm said...

I have those apricot tulips and understand completely. You can't be crazy because that means I would have to be crazy too!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

You do have a lot to keep you! Back and forth between two states has got to be difficult. It's nice you'll be able to spread out at your moms garden.

I love your conversation with the tulip bulbs. I hope they will bloom for you this spring!

Pam said...

Every time I see those irises of yours I just long for a whole bed of them in my own back garden.
If only it wasn't so wet here.
Wishing for a long dry summer.
P x