Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chicken Madness

I saw this three foot chicken nestled in the landscape at Bellwether Gardens on the Leelanau Peninsula. I'm glad chickens aren't actually that large.

This coop is the grandest I have ever seen. Large enough for me to call home! I didn't get a good shot of the front unfortunately. It looks like a small cottage and is so adorable.

Do come in ladies.

I can't wait to have my own coop and chickens. Nothing like farm fresh eggs and the friendship of hens.


Joanne said...

You sound broody! Sorry I couldn't resist saying that.

Kiki said...

Wow, that is a big chicken..nice and colorful! Thats so cool..enjoy your hens and coop when you get them! I'd be playing with them 24-7! They are waay to cute!

Randy Emmitt said...

That coop is a pretty one for sure. One day you'll have a coop of your own.

joey said...

Handsome chicken :) Amazing the wonders found on the Leelanau Peninsula!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

That is a big chicken! It would be a fun yard decoration.

We are loving having chickens and having our own natural eggs. I never get bored watching them, they are so entertaining. I hope a flock of hens find you soon! :-)


Michelle said...

I want a chicken coop of my own, too! Our town just legalized having them within city all I need is my own house!

tina said...

I was just visiting Zach's blog (The Green Gardener) and he too was saying how much he wanted chickens. Too funny. I've been thru the phase but when I think of the work I talk myself out of chicks everytime.

Thomas said...

You're right, farm fresh eggs put the supermarket ones to shame. And I love the bright orange yolks you get with free range eggs.

I hope you get your chickens soon!

Barry said...

I've discovered, hens are not always friendly.

And don't get me started on roosters.

But for farm fresh eggs, anything is worth it.

ga.farmwoman said...

I love the big chicken! Wouldn't it be cute in a kitchen??

I know you will have your very own coop and chickens before you know it!!

Have a great day.

Kris said...

Hey, that henhouse is really something to crow about! (heh, sorry) I love that folk art garden rooster.... Little touches like that really make a garden so inviting. :-D