Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday's Something on Monday

Got home from work at 7pm last night. Gotta love retail. Worked 11 to 7. Same as every other Sunday. I also work every Friday and Saturday too. In fact, this week I only have Monday off. I work six days and only get 36 hours. If your going to ruin my week at least give me some real hours!

My store is currently in liquidation. Yep, their going out of business. It took me two months to find the job and two months later we all find out its closing. We will be locking up the place at the end of the month. I'm not attached to the place. Don't really like it at all. What's upsetting is that it is another family store that has been around for over 50 years that couldn't stay afloat in these tough times. I can't begin to count the many people that have told me their tale of becoming unemployed. One lady was a job recruiter! She came back from her vacation and her job was gone.

I have been lucky though because several stores began hiring last week and they both look very promising for me. Wish i could say the same for all those out there with families and mortgage payments.

On a better note, working in retail gives me plenty of time to ponder what to grow, where to plant, what am I doing with my life, etc.. etc...

Several co-workers found out today that I was 27 years old. They had a look of surprise assuming that I was 19 or so. Not that I am complaining. I want to stay young forever so that works for me. I don't feel 27. I don't act 27 very often. And apparently I don't look 27 either. So it all works out. I will remain 19ish until I look 27ish. Not that 27 is old but I'm just not where I thought I would be by now. I'm not married, no children, no house to call my own, no real career, just floating along in North Carolina, longing to be back in Michigan.

I have all these dreams and goals that still haven't come to fruition and of course, I am the only one to blame. My lack of drive and my ability to procrastinate have sabotaged me from a very early age. Even today, I do so much better with someone to hold my hand. I try to start things but eventually come to a point where i feel i can go no further. It's all mental but I just don't know how you overcome things that are in your head.

Keeping this blog is my first step in following through with something. I'm surprised I am being so good about it. But it isn't hard to do. I really love it! Its the highlight of my day everyday.

What I need to do is get moving. Start planning, reading, taking classes, meeting people, thinking positive and whatever else it takes to get going. I'm not getting any younger and my dreams and goals are not getting any more real! I can do it!!!


Jan (ThanksFor2Day) said...

Yes, you can do it--what ever 'it' is that you decide. Try not to be too hard on yourself because while you're worrying about not meeting your goals, you are tossing lots of ideas around in your head. You know what? I think that once you find something you are passionate about, you are going to soak it up and you probably won't think about things so much, you'll just be doing them! I spent time, like you, feeling that I wasn't where I wanted to be by a certain age...
Sometimes I still feel that way (!). Maybe that's because we want to do SO much that it's hard to choose just one specific focus. I ended up becoming a counselor so I could work with lots of different people with lots of different issues. the subject...Your photos are always uplifting and your verses are as well:) Have a great day today!

Linzi said...

I'm 27 too, and to be honest, I don't think anyones life is where they expected it to be. You already have motivation and dedication to finish by just doing your garden and your blog! I'm really hoping that I can follow do mine, so be proud! Life is what you make it, it really is. I have been very lucky with jobs, because everything I did I was passionate about, from working with horses, to flying, to my dream job now. Maybe you need another direction to find your vocation and feel better about things? You can do anything you set your mind to! And more money always helps! haha

Linzi x

RainGardener said...

flowrgirl thank you so much for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it. Your irises are gorgeous. I wonder if my wine colored one is Merlot.
I also felt the way you do at your age. Everyone I knew was married and I never had been. Had a bunch of different jobs. Must have been around 27 maybe a bit younger I found a great job that I loved, had a home built and then met the man of my dreams (after I built the home of course). hehe But when I think about it now it was all worth the wait - and I know that means squat to you because people said the same thing to me. But holding out for the great job and great guy really was worth it - everyone I meet is envious of the man I got - I didn't meet him until I was 33 and now we've been married almost 26 years.
You sound so much more on the ball than I was at that age. So don't worry about rushing it. Just take it at your own speed and enjoy. Linda