Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strive to be GMO Free!

I have been listening up lately about the dangers of GMO's or Genetically Modified Organisms. I found a website that is excellent for info on GMO's.

Please check it out. Lot's to learn. Make sure that your crops are GMO free! The Documentary Channel is running a film called Life Running Out of Control. It's about the farmers that are being destroyed by GMO's and India's struggle to stay GMO free. Also it discusses the dangers of genetically modifying animals such as pigs, cows, fish and mice. It's a saddening and harsh reality about the power of these large companies and the devastating affects of tampering with nature.


Juliett Farnesse said...

Yes, this is a big issue nowdays. Thanks for the website, i'm going to check.

flowrgirl1 said...

I never thought much about until recently when i realized the fact that they haven't really done much safety research before unleashing this technology on people. Also, the fact that they torture animals with GM is insane! The results are often horrible for the animals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, this is frightening, along with so many other things. I hope our food suppliers see the folly of this. And I have gotten much more serious about growing my own too.

joey said...

Definitely a hot topic and thanks for clueing us in on this website.

garden girl said...

This is a big issue. Kudos to you for raising awareness!

tina said...

Now see I feel very differently about the genetically modified plants, especially corn and so on. I am not against it at all, though my horticulture professor lets us know he does not like it all. I should listen, but have my own opinions I'll leave off here:)

flowrgirl1 said...

Thanks for the comments all. Things such as this are one of many reasons I fear GMO's.

"Revealed: Why Monsanto Suppressed GM Maize Feeding Study
Press Notice
GM Free Cymru
March 13, 2007

Independent analysis of data uncovers evidence of scientific fraud

It has been revealed today, at a Paris Press Conference (1), that the Monsanto GM maize referred to as MON863 caused serious damage to the liver and kidneys of rats which consumed it during feeding trials. This is the first time in the world that a study on the health risks of a GM maize authorized for consumption shows signs of hepatorenal toxicity (2). The study is published today in the peer-reviewed journal "Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology"."

If it does this to rats then what will it do to us? Better safe than sorry, I say.

Joanne said...

We grow a few vegetables each summer, tomatoes and zucchini and such. We use only a small amount of fertilizer, nothing else, and I've never eaten anything that tasted better. We also try to buy as natural as possible, with as few additives as we can. Sometimes it's not easy, but is worth the effort.

flowrgirl1 said...

Im trying to change the way i eat and garden. It takes lots of time but little by little I am changing the way i do things. This summer i plan to raise all of my veggies organically. We will see how my first season grows!

Toni said...

You are absolutely GORGEOUS in your blog photo ... wowza. Thanks for visiting me and your great comment. I'll tell you what else journal pages are: ADDICTING! It's got to be like gardening (unfortunately I have a very full hand when it comes to gardening, hate it!)

Toni said...

ACK! I forgot to give you this link -- if I could garden, THIS is the kind of journal I would create. This woman is one of my main inspirations for my journaling!

Judy said...

I pray alot, that's for sure.

These days we don't know *what* we are putting into our bodies,

and how it affects us, and who or what we can trust.