Friday, February 13, 2015

Mexico and Monkeys!

The same day that we toured Chichen Itza, we stopped at this amazing sinkhole.  The hole is 90 feet down to the water surface.  The water is another 150 feet deep.  These pictures do not do it any justice.  It was so green and lush!  I could have swam all day.  As you can see it's a very popular stop.

We also spent a day at Xel-ha.  It is a huge cove full of sea life and fun activities. It's all inclusive too.  Once we got there we went for a walk on some of the trails.  Then we went underwater cave diving.  By far, the biggest highlight of the day.  Then we tubed part way down the river and then just snorkeled the rest of the way down and floated around the cove, exploring for hours. We also did a Mayan steam bath. Perfect after floating around in salt water all day. They had tons of dolphins there but I'm against dolphins in captivity and the exploitation of such an intelligent creature, so I will not support that.  Even one of the tour guides told us to avoid the dolphins because they aren't truly happy doing what they do.  They only want their reward, fish.  (off my soapbox now)

Our resort was an eco friendly resort.  It was a jungle setting complete with its own Mayan ruins.  It had hiking trails, a small river for snorkeling and tubing, ruins, Mayan ceremonial acts, and of course, the beautiful beach.  We spent many hours lounging on the beach beds and chairs.  It was also the first topless beach I'd ever been too.  No. I did not go topless. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

Our resort had wild monkeys!  They were outside of our room for three mornings.  I fed one of them some grapes (after seeing the hotel employees feeding them fruit).  They are so adorable.  


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