Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Plans

Well, we are finally making some headway on the wedding plans.  I booked a canopy for our backyard.  Tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, bar, etc., are included.  Whew!  That should run us around $1,500 or less, actually.  A fantastic price for a 150 person tent!

We had our "save the date" photos taken by a friend of ours.  He is a budding photographer and offered to take our pictures for free as a gift.  Fantastic!
Our old roommate, Jamie is doing all the photo editing and creating our save the dates.  We love how it looks so far.  It was about 16 degrees out and the skies were not at all that nice.  It was an off and on snow storm.  Gotta love technology.  She is also going to do our wedding invites and a lot of my farm business related stuff too.  She's really good at what she does and we really appreciate it.

When I said that we were doing a budget wedding I meant it!  So far so good but I did just fall in love with a wedding gown that costs about $1300.  Perhaps by saving so much on everything else I can splurge a bit on that gorgeous dress.

Next up, we need to find a D.J., an officiant and nail down a hotel for the guests.  So far the hotel search is a bit annoying.  Since we are in a tourist town and getting married during the summer, the rates are a bit high.  The search and haggling continues.


patientgardener said...

how very exciting and i like that you are doing it on a budget. here in the Uk so many cost £10k or more which is just ridiculous.

Randy said...

I love your photo! Congrats on the wedding and I say splurge on the dress. You may pass it down one day. :0)