Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Website:

I was invited to this new website called Farm Dreams a few weeks ago.  It's kind of like the Facebook for homesteaders, hobby farmers, market gardeners and everyone else farming in some way.  It's full of great info, interesting blogs, photographs, a bookstore and more.  It has helped me refocus on farming and gave me a bit of a break from Pinterest.  I needed that.  I joined a dozen or so of the groups that have formed but I'm yet to really get active on there. 

Today I spent the entire day looking at seed catalogs while Andrew watched football.  I circled 60 varieties of tomatoes in the Seed Savers Exchange Catalog.  You can use your imagination for how the rest of the catalog looks.  Then I went through Johnny's, High Mowing, Bountiful Gardens, and Fungi Perfecti.  I still need to go through Baker Creek.  If only I could buy a farm to plant them all at.  Until then, it's just farm dreams.

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KL said...

Hahaha..I agree with you in wishing that I had those huge farm to plant all those - all the trees, plants, fruits, vegetables, everything planted. But, are you seriously going to plant 60 varieties of tomatoes!!?