Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Sunday Visit to Stone Mountain

Andrew and I took a drive to Stone Mountain on Sunday.  I wasn't to enthused because I was a bit sleepy and really intended on having a lazy Sunday.  I'm glad he made me go because it was so amazingly beautiful.  In about an hours time, we were standing on top of a mountain.

Andrew enjoying the view.

Imagine living there.

I'm enjoying the view too.

A historic homestead at the foot of Stone Mtn.

See the guy climbing that thing!  It's hard to believe we were just standing up there.

Can you find the climber in this one?

200' waterfall.


Turkey Buzzards enjoy the view too.


HolleyGarden said...

i've never been, but would love to go one day. It looks magnificent!

Lona said...

I have heard of Stone Mountain but have never been there. How amazing. The waterfalls is spectacular. I cannot imagine someone climbing it. Wow!

Barbarapc said...

What a great place to visit. I've never heard of it before. Will put it on my road trip list for the next time I'm travelling through the state.

John Marshall said...

When I first saw the photos of Stone Mountain, I thought, "That sure doesn't look like Atlanta below." Then I remembered NC. Much nicer. I also recommend Looking Glass rock and the others in Pisgah Forest.

Stone Art's Blog said...

Thats some rock!