Sunday, August 28, 2011

Giant Blackberries, A Persistent Doe and More

One of our growers not only grows beautiful cherries and strawberries but they also have these gorgeous blackberries. As you can see, they are much larger than my thumb and they're pretty tasty too. Five berries would fill my hand!

I love these leaning fence posts, no longer serving a purpose.

I see these Sandhill Cranes nearly every week in Elk Rapids. Four flew over last Wednesday doing their unusual call.

A whole lot of plums!

This doe and her two fawns pulled a fast one over on me last week. I opened the orchard fence, drove in, parked, scouted and checked traps. I got back in my car and look in my mirror only to find her sneaking in behind me. I hopped out and stopped her fawns from entering and then spent 20 minutes chasing her around. She didn't seem to mind me much. I was able to get within ten feet of her multiple times. I must say, I had a smile on my face while I chased her around on foot through the orchard.

I also canned eight pints of nectarines today. Plus, I made some nectarine dessert topping. I had it on cheesecake today, yummy!


Catharine Howard said...

Do they taste as good as they look?

Grace said...

Those berries! Wow, they look wonderful. I bet they taste delicious. The photos are gorgeous. I love the story of the dear mama. She wanted to bring her babies in for a feast. LOL