Friday, June 24, 2011

At Home, Sick

I can't help but have that nagging feeling of slackerness (no, that's not a word) when I'm home sick. Like I should be at work, working. Well, I did work this week and now I'm even more sick because of it. It has rained on me everyday since Monday. It's the type of weather that will make you feel crappier when you already feel crappy.

Today, I am coughing up green and my glands are nice and swollen so as you can imagine, I feel great. I attempted to head out to work but made it as far as the local coffee shop before I called Jim and said "I don't think I can work today. I feel worse than i did Yesterday". So today, Jim is scouting all the orchards alone and he even has to fill out the forms. Poor guy. Sorry Jim.

How did I get sick, you ask? Well, last weekend was my girlfriend's bachelorette party which was in Put-In Bay, Ohio. It may have been the thousands of people sweating it up in the clubs, breathing in each others dirty lung air. Or, perhaps, it's from the really drunk guy who was attempting to pee into a water bottle on stage but missed and peed all over me. Yeah, that actually happened. Most of it was on my arms so I was able to quickly wash it off after the wave of shock, disbelief and then disgust came over me. The bouncer tossed the guy out because, well, let's face it. If you are to drunk to get it in the water bottle, you are to drunk to be in the bar.

And if that's not bad enough...

What really sucks is that my vegetable garden is still not in. I have five flats of peppers, tomatoes, greens, etc. that are waiting for me but I'm sick and it won't stop raining.

If this post sounds a bit crabby, well, it is. But I am typing it with a smile on my face at least.


Grace said...

I'm sorry you don't feel well. I hope the rain lets up and you feel better soon so you can get your garden planted.

Stacy said...

Peed on! No!! So sad.

If it makes you feel better, one year I got my garden in the first week of July and had great luck still, and I live in zone 5b. No worries!