Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring Sowing

This year, instead of my usual haul of perennials making the trip to MI with me, it will be vegetable seedlings. Why not take advantage of the greenhouse that I work at in the spring. This will be spring number three helping out there and the owner, Fred, has said that I can grow whatever I want so I might as well get the lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, brassicas, onions and flowers started.

I have a very large seed collection and it's time to get them all started. They won't last forever!

It's rainy today and will possibly become ice overnight. Oh joy.


donna said...

Rain actually sounds good to me. The ice, not so much.

How wonderful to have greenhouse available to you and your seed collection.

Happy planting.


joey said...

Wish your seed collection well, hoping they will thrive back here in beautiful Michigan, dear Michelle.

Verde Farm said...

That’s fabulous. Can’t wait to see what you get going :)