Thursday, April 29, 2010

One More Week

First, let me dazzle you with blooming irises from the local iris farm. I have all of these now, except for Dancing Dolphin, but I really want it! They don't have enough of it so they can't sell it.

Shining Armor

Rock Star

Savannah Sunset

First Movement

Dancing Dolphins

Jesse's Song

This is Andrews hop vine. It has grown quite fast. He built that crazy support for it last week. We have it weighted down just in case.

My iris seedlings are doing fantastic. There are 77 seedlings. I think they are all up now. Iris do not typically set seed on there own. You must make crosses to get seed and even then it's not a guarantee. You can find info on hybridizing at

I also got a couple of new gardening books. I love this one. I plan to adapt and utilize both ideas heavily in my own yard. I'm going to grow a bit for market this summer using these high yield methods. Do any of you have experience with these methods?

This book is a bit silly but it still has tons of great info. I wish he would have discussed larger scale examples. Instead, he focuses on the food supply of small families. I'm curious to know of any more commercial examples.

I hit the road for MI on May 6th. I'm shocked at how quickly the winter went. Though it was actually long and cold, it seems now, so short. My mom will be awaiting my arrival eagerly! I head straight to her house, visit and rest for the night, then drive out to dads to visit.

Friday will be spent gardening. Saturday is my youngest brother, Justin's, college graduation day so we will be at CMU all day. He is graduating with the honor of Summa Cum Laude! He has always been the super smart one. Another eight years and he will be a successful surgeon. Go Justin!

More iris pictures to come!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Iris Babies

My iris seedlings are coming up great! I have about 65 up now. I'm going to have somewhere near a 90% or better germination rate which is awesome. Hopefully they turn out to be some new beauties in a year or two.

Some goodies I have accumulated this spring including many herbs, speedwell, viola, phlox, dianthus, Irish moss and more.

Woodland phlox have a lovely fragrance. I only have a tiny bit in my garden currently, so I need more.

I have been keeping pretty busy lately. I have been working at the farmers market a few days each week and helping out friends in their gardens. I will be heading up north in three weeks for the summer. I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Harmony Ridge Farm

After searching on Local Harvest I contacted a new CSA located just minutes away from me in Tobaccoville, NC. Isaac from Harmony Ridge Farm was more than happy to have a volunteer. This would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about CSA farming since it's my dream.

The drive out to the farm was beautiful. Rolling hills dotted with farms and flowering red buds made for difficult navigation as I was constantly snapping my head around to take in all of the countryside. I have been to Tobaccoville before but not this area. It's exactly how you would imagine the foot hills of North Carolina to be! Green pastures, cattle grazing, trees blooming and many historic barns complete the landscape.

I took some shots of Harmony Ridge Farm during breaks from potting up tomato, basil, sage and pepper plants.

I love the lettuces planted on the benches. They look so healthy and are easily kept pest free. Some are planted directly into bags of organic potting soil. It certainly helps retain moisture during some of the extremely hot days we had.

This is the top of the hill where both the greenhouse and barn look upon. They have planted a rye cover crop and are putting many of their lettuce and brassica crops in here. They have also put blueberries here and figs near the greenhouse.

Their brand new barn, the barn of my dreams. The upstairs is huge. They have thought of making it into a B&B in the future. A large window looks over the planting fields but there's a view from every window. I think it's a perfect place to have guests. A B&B is a great idea.

This is the lower part of the land. A creek runs along this planting area making the soil much richer and easier to work with then the red clay elsewhere. The horses are owned by the neighbors which lease some of Harmony Ridges land for grazing.

Isaac and Holly purchased the farm a little over a year ago and have been working hard to create their CSA. Holly has been very sick for over three weeks with bronchitis and possibly a viral infection. This illness has kept her cooped up in the house for most of the spring. Hopefully she is well soon.

I will be helping out more in the future. Isaac and Holly are wonderful people and they have awesome ideas for the farm. It's going to be a very successful farm and CSA.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Janelle's Garden Update

I was able to run over to her house the day I left for Savannah to take these shots so they are a week old. I'm sure the daffodils are past their prime now. I new the spring blooms would be at there peak so I had to make time to get over there.

Pink Charm Daffs. One of my favorites.

The Bleeding Hearts were just getting started.

I don't care what anyone says, I love Forsythia!

Hellebores against the beautiful blue sky.

Sweet little Scilla Siberica.


Trout Lily


A large clump of Trillium. This one is a native to Janelle's yard.

A wonderful place to rest.

Standing at the top of the hill looking at the beauty Janelle has created.

One of her beautiful stone benches.