Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Harmony Ridge Farm

After searching on Local Harvest I contacted a new CSA located just minutes away from me in Tobaccoville, NC. Isaac from Harmony Ridge Farm was more than happy to have a volunteer. This would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about CSA farming since it's my dream.

The drive out to the farm was beautiful. Rolling hills dotted with farms and flowering red buds made for difficult navigation as I was constantly snapping my head around to take in all of the countryside. I have been to Tobaccoville before but not this area. It's exactly how you would imagine the foot hills of North Carolina to be! Green pastures, cattle grazing, trees blooming and many historic barns complete the landscape.

I took some shots of Harmony Ridge Farm during breaks from potting up tomato, basil, sage and pepper plants.

I love the lettuces planted on the benches. They look so healthy and are easily kept pest free. Some are planted directly into bags of organic potting soil. It certainly helps retain moisture during some of the extremely hot days we had.

This is the top of the hill where both the greenhouse and barn look upon. They have planted a rye cover crop and are putting many of their lettuce and brassica crops in here. They have also put blueberries here and figs near the greenhouse.

Their brand new barn, the barn of my dreams. The upstairs is huge. They have thought of making it into a B&B in the future. A large window looks over the planting fields but there's a view from every window. I think it's a perfect place to have guests. A B&B is a great idea.

This is the lower part of the land. A creek runs along this planting area making the soil much richer and easier to work with then the red clay elsewhere. The horses are owned by the neighbors which lease some of Harmony Ridges land for grazing.

Isaac and Holly purchased the farm a little over a year ago and have been working hard to create their CSA. Holly has been very sick for over three weeks with bronchitis and possibly a viral infection. This illness has kept her cooped up in the house for most of the spring. Hopefully she is well soon.

I will be helping out more in the future. Isaac and Holly are wonderful people and they have awesome ideas for the farm. It's going to be a very successful farm and CSA.


Southern Lady said...

Oh how pretty!! I love the beautiful landscape; and the barn would be my dream barn, too. I would certainly stay there as a B&B. Carla

tina said...

With your talented help it will for sure be on its way to success. I hope Holly is back on her feet soon. Very wonderful views she has and I'm sure she'd much rather be outside enjoying them with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle, What an idyllic place and such a good idea to offer your services as a volunteer. It certainly looked a wonderful place to work and, as you say, to stay as a guest.

Thank you for picking my latest posting, through which I happily have found you.