Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wine and a Good Book

Booger Swamp. Yes, you read that correctly. This wine is called Booger Swamp. It's a blend and quite sweet, but that's how I like my wine. I have a sweet tooth so I love Rieslings, Viogner, Gewurztraminer and sweet blends.

I just finished this book last week and loved it. I felt as though I was working along side them on the farm through the heat, humidity and the windy, freezing days. I started to get tired from the mental images. Imagining the blazing sun beating down on my back. Then I remembered that MI is not nearly as harsh a climate in the summers as where they are. Yay! So perhaps I won't sweat quite as much but I'll be working my butt off and it's all rewarding in the end.

I'm going to be a farmer but I already new that.


Randy Emmitt said...

Now that is a funny name for a wine, only in NC! If you drink a lot of Riesling please save me the bottles. Building a bottle wall and could use a lot more blue bottles!

Carol said...

It is great to find a book that you can be part of while reading. Being a farmer is a good thing. I love Rieslings too especially on a hot day with a dessert. ;>)

Verde Farm said...

I would love to try this wine. I like the sweeter sides of wine myself. I even like a good dessert wine. The book sounds great too. I am going to google it :)

Kris said...

Okay, I love a good glass (or 2 or 3...) of wine, but "Booger Swamp" ? Yow! :-D

Randy Emmitt said...


I'd love it if you woul;d save me your blue bottles. We are going to have some big bottle wall retain ing the garden over the pond. Even lit bottles if i work that out.