Sunday, June 7, 2009

As promised, here are a few irises that have come into bloom this weekend.

Winter Scene


Hells Fire

A few unknowns.

Raspberry Fudge


Rosey Pollen said...

Raspberry Fudge, mmm that one is a yummy one. Nice photos. You have some pretty iris growing.

sweet bay said...

What a treat to see iris in June! They are lovely. I especially like Hell's Fire and that last one.

Bill and Jenny said...

Absolutely beautiful irisses! I just bought my first house here in Baltimore, MD. I'm pretty much starting from scratch with the landscaping. One plant that I've seen and have been so impressed with is/are irisses. I didn't have any early this spring, now I've have 5 different ones! I find them perfect plants for filling in areas. They can be divided and shared with neighbors (helps to beautify the neighborhood and build relationships.) They're very graceful also. I'm on the lookout now for solid yellow and solid white varieties here. Your blog is really inspirational. Happy Gardening! Bill

Anonymous said...

your irises are beautiful, some grow natural and wild here, they are bright yellow and very aggressive when growing in boggy areas


Jan said...

These irises are so lovely. I love Raspberry Fudge; it is gorgeous.

Always Growing

Gail said...

They are lovely. It's good to see them again...our iris time is past. gail

treangelsmother said...

I never seen such beatiful irisses , mine are not so spectacular