Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden Update

I haven't been a very good poster lately so I thought I would do a quick garden update. I spent last weekend in the garden with my mom. We raked up the last of last years leaves. There were so many! I can't believe what two large Oaks can do.

I did some edging and weeding. We dug up the rugosa roses that are running everywhere. That freed up tons of space for more irises.

Mom arranged the shed and all the junk behind it. That was a big task. She is a worker!

I found two morels in the garden, one was bigger than a beer can. I will post a pick of it soon.

Tulips are done but the giant alliums, gladiator, globemaster and gigantium are opening up.

My first tall bearded iris should be open by this weekend. Let the iris season begin!!! Of course, it's the season that I long for all year. Some new ones are going to bloom so I can't wait to see those!

Still much to do. I'm hoping for a good weather this weekend. I still need to prepare the veggie bed. It's almost ready.

I will be back very soon with lots of pictures, I promise!


Town Mouse said...

Thanks for the update! Ah, I know that feeling. It's the best time to make and post photos but also the best time to sit in a chair, look at the garden, and listen to the birds. I'm planning on saving some things for later in the season...But I am looking forward to the photos!

movingonlady said...

I worked a little bit last weekend in the garden but was rained out.
I have talked to several gardners in different states and it would seem we all are dealing with the rain. I can't wait to see your pictures. Have a good day

Jeph said...

My bearded irises are really starting to strut their stuff now as well. Since they were only put in a year or so ago, they haven't really formed any impressive clumps yet, but the few flowers I do get are pretty!

Juliett Farnesse said...

Happy summer time!

tina said...

Sounds like the garden is awesome. Looking forward to seeing your irises.

Tootsie said...

you sound busy! thanks for the update and I can't wait to see those blooms!

Lucy said...

It sounds like a dramatic garden.

How well do you find oak leaves compost? Do they take a long time?


Tatyana said...

Hi! As I already said in my message that I left on your Bl. plot, your absence has been noticed! I think we all did slow down a bit and spend more time gardening rather than blogging.You were busy last weekend! You know what was the best part of it, from my point of view? Being with your Mom. This is the precious time. I know. All the best to both of you!