Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Hellebore Co-op Has Arrived.

I did a post awhile back about plant co-ops. I have hosted several before but didn't think I would do anther anytime soon. Well, I was wrong. I decided to do a Hellebore co-op with Pine Knot Farms. I did one through them last year that went very well so why not use them again.
They specialize in Hellebores and grow many different varieties. I chose their Southern Belles strain and the double white, Mrs. Betty Ranicar to include in the co-op offerings.

After a few weeks of open ordering I began payment collection from my 30 participants. The money arrived on time via check, m.o. or paypal. I called PKF and payed with my debit card Monday the 21st. 10 flats of hellebores arrived via UPS today! That was fast. I quickly unpacked them and gave them all a drink. They are in great condition and very nice sized plants for the price.

Co-ops as you may know are a great way to get plants at a reduced cost or group rate. It's nice to do this when a company like Bloomingbulb offers quantity price breaks. If you really want some Globemaster alliums but don't want to pay such a huge price then asking others if they want some to get them cheaper makes sense! I hosted a Hellebore, Peony and Fall Bulb co-op last year. We ended up getting amazing deals on everything.

Sites like DavesGarden are great for hosting and purchasing. The Yahoo group BnPCo-op is great for buying.

If you are looking for great Hellebores I recommend visiting Pine Knot Farm's website. They have photos of most of their offerings.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Sounds like a great idea! They do look very healthy.

tina said...

I found it neat when you first posted on it. I'd like some Globemaster bulbs for sure. Do you have a good recommendation? And about many folks do you need to make it worthwhile?

Seasonal Wisdom said...

Thanks for this information. This was a very interesting post.