Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farm Hunting

  Andrew and I have been scanning the local property listings a lot lately. We are finally ready to buy when the right place comes along. Yesterday we went and checked out an old farm property on the Leelanau Peninsula, which is where we currently are renting. Andrew has his heart set on living out here, as do I, but I didn't really expect it to be a reality with our budget. It can be pretty expensive out here in Lake Michigan. The land that is good for growing orchards sells at a premium so I was quite surprised to find this little gem.

 It needs lots of work. Most of the buildings need roof repairs as does the house. The house is small and dated. Nothing special at all really. It seems to be quite solid though.  No creaky or wavy floors.  Windows are shot.  It needs all new flooring and paint.  In this case, however, it's not really the house I'm after. The land is beautiful! Rolling pastures, large maples, nice wooded areas, it really has everything that I want.  We need to do some research about the farm, land values, and find out about the electrical, wells, etc.  It's 21.5 acres. 

 I think this property is as close as I will ever get to what I want in this county.  I love it!  We can make it our own.  Andrew isn't impressed with the house at all but I'm trying to make him see its potential.  I'm the rose glasses wearing optimist.  He is the realistic pessimist.  I suppose that is good.  If it were my choice, we would have bought and moved into an old farm that had no modern amenities a long time ago (giggle, giggle).  I can picture it years down the road, much larger with big windows and a grand porch.  Sigh.

 Two views of the house.  The front half appears to be made of cement blocks and the back is wood.

 I love the stone work of this barn.  The rood is covered with sheet metal so there isn't much damage.
 The huge pole barn appears to be in great shape.
 This building needs a lot of work.  The roof is caving in.
 A little shed that may house some electrical stuff.
 The root cellar.  I was so excited when I stumbled across this!

 The North end pasture.
 Some of the pretty woods by the house.  I love that it has Trillium.  A sign of good fertility.
 The North pasture again.
 Looking East.
 Western border.
 Looking down the driveway from the road.
 The house is just beyond those trees.
 Another damaged shed and the house just beyond it.
 Several of the large, old maples.

 More maples.
An old hay rake?
 A tiny shed.
A handpumped well.  Not sure if it's just decorative or if it was functional.

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