Monday, September 27, 2010

Back in NC

I am back in North Carolina now. Just arrived Sunday night. The drive wasn't bad but Virginia and NC were quite rainy, yuck!

It's nice to be back again but I will miss everybody at home. I had a wonderful summer and spent lots of time with family and friends.

Andrew has tons of fun lined up for us already. We have the Seafood festival this weekend in Moorehead and then deep sea fishing in a few weeks. We are going to the movies tomorrow night.

Looking forward to lots of fun with friends in NC now. It's time for some garden tea parties!


Tiny Turtle

This tiny Snapping Turtle was on my mom's porch a few days ago. What a little cutie.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gently Crashing Waves

I could listen to the waves crash all night.

The shores of Lake Michigan.

Harvest for Sept. 2

The slugs are getting into the tomatoes a bit more than I would like but I'm still getting lots of great fruit. I see a bit of disease on a few plants too. I don't think it's late blight but maybe. I just hope it doesn't get all of them!

We are setting up a stand to sell some of these today. My mom just got back from her Yellowstone trip so now she can tend it while I'm at work.