Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Have a New Blog

Greetings!  I have started a new blog for my little farm,  Perbellus Fruit and Flower Farm.  I haven't posted much yet but as things move a long with the farm there will be lots of exciting stuff.

I have not decided if I will stop using this blog quite yet.  There are so many things to figure out!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have so many great things to tell you all.  First, as you know, we bought a house in November.  We made the move in on the second weekend in December.  We're all settled in and just happy as can be.  We haven't done much decorating yet but the ideas are flowing.  We just need lots of shelving.  I have so much stuff to decorate with already due to my hoarding tendencies, he he.

Secondly, I named my farm and got my EIN number so that I can make wholesale purchases now.  I chose Perbellus Fruit and Flower Farm.  Perbellus is Latin for 'very beautiful'.  I wanted something pretty but descriptive as well.  I want people to have a good idea of what we do by seeing our name. 

I kind of rushed the naming decision since it is the time of year to start ordering seeds and grower supplies.  The hardest part has been narrowing down my "want list".  It's quite extensive.  Do I really need 170 varieties of heirloom tomatoes!

And the most exciting news......................We are engaged!  Finally!  We have been dating for 9 1/2 years now and I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity.  He proposed on New Years Eve which also happened to be my 31st birthday.  My mom called to wish me happy birthday and told me that it was my golden birthday and that I was supposed to get something golden.  Perhaps, a few diamonds too.  About an hour later....

Photo: Finally!

Nobody new that Andrew was going to propose.  Mom just had a feeling I guess.

I'm looking forward to 2013 more than any other year to date.  So many things to do.  My wedding is pretty much planned, ha.  I've been thinking about it for years.  Now it's time to start enacting the plan.  Picking a date is the hardest part so far.  I want August but it may be hard to find an open weekend that month.

I'm doing a very frugal, DIY wedding.  Lots of flowers and food from my garden.  I can provide most of my decor from the hoard of jars, bottles, antiques, doilies etc.  I want an elegant, vintage, country wedding.  Not "cowgirl boots country" but "farm flowers and lace country".

 I don't believe in spending 25k on a wedding.  I have a business to start and bills to pay and a fun life to live.  I can think of a thousand things I would rather spend money on.  I dislike most of the "traditional" wedding fluff that I see all the time anyhow.  I'm going to keep it under 4k if I can.  I don't think it will be all that hard.  Especially if we have the wedding and reception at our house. 

I will write a lot about it as it happens  Stay tuned.